Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Should I or should I not?

2nd  year of school for Sylas is just around the corner...he will be officially attending PRESCHOOL, last year was pre-PRESCHOOL.  Last school day of the year, Sylas was given a certificate for completion of his first year in school.  It was signed by his teacher and by the school's director.  Sad thing is...they spelled his name wrong - Saylas Doan.  The writing looks like there was an attempt to fix a previous mistake, but it clearly says Saylas.  I felt pretty disappointed when I first received it, but just left it in a corner somewhere.  Now that school is starting again in about 3 weeks, I am contemplating about whether or not to bring this to the school director and show her my disappointment.  Should I ask for a replacement?  Should I just give it back?  If they don't see any value in it, then why should I?  I've been thinking about this for the pass few weeks, but haven't reached a decision yet. I still have 3 weeks left...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why do you love me?

We were up at the grandparent's house in Pasadena for the weekend.  Saturday evening I was giving both kids a bath together.  I got Edyn out first and gave her to Daddy to dress. Came back in and got Sylas.  As I brought him out of the bath tub, he says "I love you Mommy". I was so touched, "I love you too Sylas", I said.  I proceeded to ask him, "Why do you love me?".  He thinks about it for a few seconds and says "because...".  I said "Yes, why do you love me?".  His response, "because I love you and you love me", in his non-enunciating voice.  I have never heard him use the word because, I didn't even know he knew the word because.  I love SCUMC Preschool, they have taught my son soooooo much. I thank them and all the teachers for PRICELESS moments like these.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kha's new thing

Kha has been staying home with Ba Noi, paternal Grandma, for a while now when he's not at school. And Grandma isn't that attentive to the things that he does. He's been pooping on his own and wiping on his own after he poos. Thank God, she checks to make sure that he does wipe himself clean. This past weekend, Kha did the same thing, goes poo and wipes on his own. Saturday he went and I heard him flush. I come in to make sure it's clean and he raises his hand to my face and says yucky. It stinks, there is poop on his finger somewhere. So we wash his hands 3 times.
Last night, hubby is sleeping and Kha and I were trying to fall asleep. He turns to me and says, "I wanna go poo-poo." So I take him in and stand outside by the door. After a few minutes I hear him flush. Oh no...I go in and ask if he is all done. He says yes and I make him bend over to wipe. I asked him if there's poop on his fingers and he says no. I grab his hand and smell it, it stinks, and then I made him smell his own fingers. He made a yucky face. His butt stinks, his hand stinks, his back stinks. I take everything off and give him a bath. Then I made him smell his own fingers to make sure it didn't stink.
I dress him and he runs out to lay next to Daddy. He turns to Daddy and says, "Kha poo-poo. Disgusting!" I just laugh and Kha kinda laughs too. What a funny kid, I just tell him "You're silly, Kha-Kha."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Halloween Party

I had to bring cookies for Sy's (that's what Ms Laman and his classmates call him) first Halloween school party. That was the only option left to sign up for. I don't bake. So....I went to Vons, bought some plain sugar cookies, bought some black frosting, bought some orange frosting, and bought some cake decorating tips that fit right onto the icing tube. Awesome! Went home, iced out H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N and then some jack o' lantern faces. It worked out great, who needs to learn how to bake?
It was my first time being in class with Sy. All he wanted was a drink, but it wasn't snack time yet. He kept saying "uong nuoc". I wonder if that is something he also says to his teachers and of course they don't understand. Snack time got set-up and each plate had food brought in by all the students' parents. There was a carrot and celery on everyone's plate with the sweet treats. Sy picked up his celery and carrot and said "Yucky!". He attempted to put it on a friend's plate. I told him he didn't have to eat it. I wonder what the teachers think when they hear him say that? They probably think his parents don't ever give him vegetables...He finished all the grapes and told me he wanted more. I told him to ask Miss Sandy.  He said, "Miss Sandy, more nho". Silly kid, it's grapes. After snack time, we had recess and then came back to the class. It was sleepy time where Ms Laman asks the students what do you see in your dream? Sy has no idea what a dream is, I've never even use that word with him before. The teacher called each student and each one answered saying ghosts, monsters, princess...It was Sy's turn and he thinks for a moment and says "Monsters!" I am a proud mom. He must go through class having to be attentive all the time, because most of the time he probably just doesn't understand...
After that Monday, I've been doing my best to teach him how to ask for things. "May I...please." It must be hard for him with the language barrier. Everyone says they pick up English so quickly, but something as simple as wanting a drink can't be clearly communicated. We don't see the day to day struggles ESL kids go through, we just know they come home speaking a lot more English than before. And seeing him struggle just doesn't feel good. I know it will get better because he is learning and there is much to learn.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Down the Drain

I've been debating all week whether or not to post this story. But a little encouragement from my Mom to write it down somewhere has nudge me to write this post.

So Sunday night Sylas gets his usual bath. 2 minutes to soap, a quick rinse and then about a 10 minutes bath time to play. So he's been in there for about five minutes and I tell him, "Ok, 5 more minutes ok? " As I looked at him, he was in the squatting position, which he usually never is while in the bathtub, but at that time I did not think any thing of it. I leave the bathroom and about two minutes later I hear him yell,

"Mommy all done."

It's always a fight to get him out, so I was surprised to see that he's matured enough to know that playing in the water too long isn't good for you. So I go in and see him at the drain end of the bathtub watching the water go down. And he says,

"Mommy, poo-poo all gone" as he is pointing down the drain.

I give him a look of disbelief and said, "Whhhhaaaattt?"

He replies, "All gone" and smiles, as if he was showing off to me that he pooped and cleaned all by himself. He expected me to be proud of him for accomplishing that.

"Show me!"

He comes trotting over to the other end of the tub, turns around, and bends over to show me his clean butt, not a trace of poop left. I quickly shower him AGAIN.

All I could say was "Kha, poo-poo in toilet, not in the bathtub." as I pointed to the toilet.

I bring him out and tell him, "Go tell Daddy what you did."

He runs out and yells "Daddy, poo-poo all gone!" in the most excited voice.

Daddy looks at me and says, "What? In the bathtub?" I just simply nod and say, " the bathtub."

Kha was so proud of himself of what he accomplished and I didn't realized that at first until I told my friend the story. A 3-year-old's sense of accomplishment may be the same feeling as an adult's sense of accomplishment, but all for probably 2 completely different accomplishments. I do feel proud of him and hope that he is able to tell me everything. I don't want him to feel fearful of my judgement/punishment when he does tell me things, whether it's something good or bad. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sylas supposed 2nd day of school was close due to a power outage Thursday evening.  How nice is that, a day off after only one day of school. But so far he has brought home a painted yellow school bus and a print of his hand, again with yellow paint. I always thought he liked blue...maybe he seems to be leaning towards yellow.  He also came home singing, "your friend, my friend, my friend, your friend". The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together the happier we'll be. Cause your friend is my friend and my friend is your friend. He has been picking up words so quickly, it's amazing. He's been to school a total of 3 times and he's been interested in doing crafts, eating sandwiches, singing songs, and a complete chatter box. Getting your children in school before preschool is such an amazing experience for the parents and especially for the little toddlers.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of pre-Preschool

Yesterday was orientation, today is first day of school. His teacher is Ms. Laman, who seems kinda of unorganized, but has been doing this for 9 years, I guess her system works. We came, signed in, and he ran straight for the toys. Ms. Laman had to bring him outside to hang up his backpack. I said good-bye and he gave me a look, "I don't understand." Like he was thinking, I was there with him yesterday, how come not today? He shrugged off what I said, and I told him Mommy has to go to work and Daddy will pick you up later. He said bye and there was no turning back. I am happy that he is super-duper excited for school. Lets hope Edyn will be just as easy...