Monday, May 7, 2012

Why do you love me?

We were up at the grandparent's house in Pasadena for the weekend.  Saturday evening I was giving both kids a bath together.  I got Edyn out first and gave her to Daddy to dress. Came back in and got Sylas.  As I brought him out of the bath tub, he says "I love you Mommy". I was so touched, "I love you too Sylas", I said.  I proceeded to ask him, "Why do you love me?".  He thinks about it for a few seconds and says "because...".  I said "Yes, why do you love me?".  His response, "because I love you and you love me", in his non-enunciating voice.  I have never heard him use the word because, I didn't even know he knew the word because.  I love SCUMC Preschool, they have taught my son soooooo much. I thank them and all the teachers for PRICELESS moments like these.

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