Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Should I or should I not?

2nd  year of school for Sylas is just around the corner...he will be officially attending PRESCHOOL, last year was pre-PRESCHOOL.  Last school day of the year, Sylas was given a certificate for completion of his first year in school.  It was signed by his teacher and by the school's director.  Sad thing is...they spelled his name wrong - Saylas Doan.  The writing looks like there was an attempt to fix a previous mistake, but it clearly says Saylas.  I felt pretty disappointed when I first received it, but just left it in a corner somewhere.  Now that school is starting again in about 3 weeks, I am contemplating about whether or not to bring this to the school director and show her my disappointment.  Should I ask for a replacement?  Should I just give it back?  If they don't see any value in it, then why should I?  I've been thinking about this for the pass few weeks, but haven't reached a decision yet. I still have 3 weeks left...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why do you love me?

We were up at the grandparent's house in Pasadena for the weekend.  Saturday evening I was giving both kids a bath together.  I got Edyn out first and gave her to Daddy to dress. Came back in and got Sylas.  As I brought him out of the bath tub, he says "I love you Mommy". I was so touched, "I love you too Sylas", I said.  I proceeded to ask him, "Why do you love me?".  He thinks about it for a few seconds and says "because...".  I said "Yes, why do you love me?".  His response, "because I love you and you love me", in his non-enunciating voice.  I have never heard him use the word because, I didn't even know he knew the word because.  I love SCUMC Preschool, they have taught my son soooooo much. I thank them and all the teachers for PRICELESS moments like these.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kha's new thing

Kha has been staying home with Ba Noi, paternal Grandma, for a while now when he's not at school. And Grandma isn't that attentive to the things that he does. He's been pooping on his own and wiping on his own after he poos. Thank God, she checks to make sure that he does wipe himself clean. This past weekend, Kha did the same thing, goes poo and wipes on his own. Saturday he went and I heard him flush. I come in to make sure it's clean and he raises his hand to my face and says yucky. It stinks, there is poop on his finger somewhere. So we wash his hands 3 times.
Last night, hubby is sleeping and Kha and I were trying to fall asleep. He turns to me and says, "I wanna go poo-poo." So I take him in and stand outside by the door. After a few minutes I hear him flush. Oh no...I go in and ask if he is all done. He says yes and I make him bend over to wipe. I asked him if there's poop on his fingers and he says no. I grab his hand and smell it, it stinks, and then I made him smell his own fingers. He made a yucky face. His butt stinks, his hand stinks, his back stinks. I take everything off and give him a bath. Then I made him smell his own fingers to make sure it didn't stink.
I dress him and he runs out to lay next to Daddy. He turns to Daddy and says, "Kha poo-poo. Disgusting!" I just laugh and Kha kinda laughs too. What a funny kid, I just tell him "You're silly, Kha-Kha."