Monday, March 19, 2012

Kha's new thing

Kha has been staying home with Ba Noi, paternal Grandma, for a while now when he's not at school. And Grandma isn't that attentive to the things that he does. He's been pooping on his own and wiping on his own after he poos. Thank God, she checks to make sure that he does wipe himself clean. This past weekend, Kha did the same thing, goes poo and wipes on his own. Saturday he went and I heard him flush. I come in to make sure it's clean and he raises his hand to my face and says yucky. It stinks, there is poop on his finger somewhere. So we wash his hands 3 times.
Last night, hubby is sleeping and Kha and I were trying to fall asleep. He turns to me and says, "I wanna go poo-poo." So I take him in and stand outside by the door. After a few minutes I hear him flush. Oh no...I go in and ask if he is all done. He says yes and I make him bend over to wipe. I asked him if there's poop on his fingers and he says no. I grab his hand and smell it, it stinks, and then I made him smell his own fingers. He made a yucky face. His butt stinks, his hand stinks, his back stinks. I take everything off and give him a bath. Then I made him smell his own fingers to make sure it didn't stink.
I dress him and he runs out to lay next to Daddy. He turns to Daddy and says, "Kha poo-poo. Disgusting!" I just laugh and Kha kinda laughs too. What a funny kid, I just tell him "You're silly, Kha-Kha."

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